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AAA Gold Exchange
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1600 S. Azuza Ave. #127
City of Industry, CA 91748
(2nd Floor, Center Court)



Mon-Fri:   10:00am – 9:00pm
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What Do We Buy?

City of Industry Gold Buyers

Our AAA Gold Exchange locations in the Puente Hills Mall (2nd Floor, Center Court) pays top dollar for all your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, bullion, coins, and jewelry.

Step 1

Sell Jewelry City of Industry

Bring in your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, coins, or diamonds to our Puente Hills, CA AAA Gold Exchange location.

Step 2

Platinum Buyers Puente Hills

Our Puente Hills gold and jewelry specialists will then test your items while you watch. You will also get a first hand education on our buying process.

Step 3

cash for jewelry Puente Hills California

Our cash for gold expert will then give you a quote. This whole process takes is fast and our staff will never pressure you to sell. ReviewsPuente HillsCAcash for goldgold buyers in Puente Hillssell gold Puente Hills

Cash for Gift Cards

We buy gift cards

We pay fast cash for your gift cards. Most gift cards accepted, even if some of the balance has already been used. Bring in your gift cards today and we will give you cash.

Puente Hills

Cash for Gold Puente Hills

Our Puente Hills, AAA Gold Exchange locations strive to offer the best cash for gold service in the City of Industry. Each of our consultations are free and you are never obligated to sell. Come in today and receive a cash quote for your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, coins, and jewelry. It only takes a few minutes and the entire process is fast and easy.

Come in today for a no obligation, education consultation and the highest payouts in Puente Hills and the City of Industry.

We strive to offer the best experience when you decide to sell your gold, silver, diamonds or platinum. Our jewelry buyers are very well trained, and believe in educating you on each step in our process. Want to see what our gold payouts are before you step into our location? Click on our homepage for our updated payouts.

Sell Gold Silver Platinum Diamonds Puente Hills City of Industry CA


Sell Gold Puente Hills

When selling your gold you need to read up on your gold buyer’s reviews. Very few cash for gold companies deserve your business. You deserve the best cash payouts and service in Puente Hills . So bring your gold or jewelry that you want to sell into our multiple AAA Gold Exchange locations or our location in the Puente Hills Mall. Also, please feel free to leave us a review online. We would appreciate it.

We buy white gold, yellow gold, any karat of gold, and almost any form of gold. Gold bullion, gold ingots, gold coins, or gold bars will all get you cold, hard cash. We also buy gold necklaces, gold earrings, gold chains or gold rings, and any other forms of gold you have. If you have any gold selling questions, feel free to call our number above!

Gold Buyers Puente Hills

We work hard to keep our reputation. On our website, we post the daily price of gold and most of the precious metals we are willing to buy, along with a page of common scams and rip-offs, so you can be an educated gold buyer when getting quotes from our competitors.

Our approach is very simple. At AAA Gold Exchange in the City of Industry Puente Hills Mall, we pay you more cash for your gold and silver, diamonds and platinum than anyone in Orange County. We guarantee more cash and less hassle, each time you visit. We look forward to seeing you..

Puente Hills Cash For Gold Puente Hills Gold Buyers Puente Hills Sell Gold


Sell Silver Puente Hills

We buy silver too. Come in today and get a free quote for you silver items.

Cash for Silver Puente Hills

Just like our cash for gold payouts, we strive to offer you the most accurate payouts for your silver and jewelry. Our customers come first. You can see this in our silver payouts. This, along with our customer service, is what keeps our clients coming back again and again. Stop on by and sell your silver at our City of Industry, Puente Hills Mall location.

Silver Buyers Puente Hills

Many don’t even know if there items or jewelry are really silver. You won’t know for sure until your bring it in. We will determine your silvers quality and over all value. Get the most out of it by selling your silver at our Puente Hills locations today.

Puente Hills Sell Silver Puente Hills Silver Buyers Puente Hills Cash For Silver


Sell Platinum in Puente Hills

You can also sell your platinum jewelry at our Puente Hills location. Platinum is an extremely valuable precious metal. We’re willing to buy platinum in almost any form: platinum necklaces, platinum earrings, cuff links, tie clips or platinum rings. Sell your platinum at AAA Gold Exchange and enjoy your new cash, fast.

Cash for Platinum :: Platinum Buyers Puente Hills

Just like our other services, we pay top dollar for all your cash for platinum needs in Puente Hills. Our staff is standing buy and ready to buy your platinum items for the best payouts in town. Our experienced staff will have you in and out in minutes with a quote that is sure to please.

Puente Hills Sell Platinum Puente Hills Platinum Buyers Puente Hills Cash for Platinum


Diamonds Buyers Puente Hills

AAA Gold Exchange is also your local Puente Hills diamond buying specialists. We make sure to have a diamond buying expert on staff so you can be assured that your quote is both fair and accurate. Diamonds don’t loose value over time, so make sure you get a great return on your investment by selling your diamonds today with AAA Gold Exchange in the City of Industry, CA.

Cash for Diamonds in Puente Hills | Sell Diamonds

Why should you sell your diamonds with our Puente Hills diamond buyers? For starters, we have multiple locations all over Southern California, so we are very close by. We also want you to be educated before you sell your diamonds to a buyer. Diamonds are extremely valuable, so you need to know what is involved in the diamond selling process. Thank you for considering AAA Gold Exchange in Puente Hills, CA.

Puente Hills Cash For Diamonds Puente Hills Diamond Buyers Puente Hills Sell Diamonds


Jewelry Buyers Puente Hills

Bring in your unwanted jewelry to our City of Industry location in the Puente Hills Mall. We just opened this location. When you arrive we will have our jewelry buyers will assess your items right in front of you. You will get a free education and are able to ask any questions that you may have.

Come in today if you need to sell jewelry in Puente Hills .

Sell Jewelry :: Cash for Jewelry Puente Hills

Some examples of the jewelry we buy are:
Rings, Diamonds, Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets, Chains, Earrings, Gold Watches, Cufflinks, Class Rings, Gold and silver Coins, Charms and Lockets, Key Chains, Gold, Silver Bars and Bullion, Silver Tea Sets, Sterling Flatware, Antique Gold Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Silver Candelabras, Money Clips, Brooches, Gold Statues, Any kind of Platinum, Dental Gold, Gold Flakes and Nuggets, Inherited Jewelry and MUCH MORE!

Your items may be designed with rubys, sapphires, turquoise, aquamarine, Amethyst, Peridot, Topaz, Emeralds, Opals, Garnet, quartz, etc. but we will not be able to buy those stones.

Puente Hills Sell Jewelry Puente Hills Jewelry Buyers Puente Hills Cash For Jewelry


Sell Coins Puente Hills

AAA Gold Exchange will also buy your gold, platinum, and silver coins. Unlike many coin buyers in Puente Hills , we will buy your coins based on what the value of the material is instead of just the coins rare-ness. These days, gold and silver are at some of the highest prices in years. Visit us today for all your Puente Hills cash for coin needs.

Coin Buyers Puente City of Industry :: Cash for Coins Puente Hills Mall

Bring in your unwanted gold and silver coins to your local AAA Gold Exchange. We will pay you the current market price for your coins.

Puente Hills Sell Coins Puente Hills Coin Buyers Puente Hills Cash For Coins